Multi-functional flower bag

PTR participated a study for developing an ecological and consumer-oriented solution for flower gift-giving.

The pilot was carried out as part of Tukkutori Testbed innovation competition in February – June 2019 funded by City of Helsinki and Business Finland.

The pilot started with a consumer study evaluating the current packaging alternatives for flowering plants. Consumers wished to have a functional, aesthetic and ecological package which would protect the flowers in all weather conditions.

The project partners, led by a packaging designer, created a gift bag that turns into a protective pot from the Finnish Paptic material. The flower pouch inside the gift bag is also manufactured from the wood-based Woodly material.

The outer bag goes to paper or carton recycling and the inner bag to plastic recycling, but it’s made of wood-based material.

Consumer feedback has been highly positive. The most important benefits of the bag were its multi-functionality and that it’s easy to carry and aesthetically pleasant.

The pilot proved that with cooperation covering the entire packaging value chain and customer-oriented design, it’s possible to create ecological value-added packaging solutions.

Pilot partners:

Client: Helsingin Kukkatoimitus

Packaging design: Outi Oravainen/DesignCompany

Flower gift bag: Paptic

Flower pouch: Woodly

Project coordination: Package Testing & Research

Consumer studies: Sense N Insight

Project videos:

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In Finnish







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