quite a package! teaching material



Quite a Package! teaching material explains why packing is important. The teaching material includes videos that reveal the benefits of packages as well as fun questions, where students can test their knowledge and track their learning. 

Learn with Rolle and Siiri, how packaging fulfils the characteristic requirements of oat flakes, pizza, coffee drink, chocolate or milk products and keeps them fresh and tasty all the way from the fields to your stomach. 

The teaching material can be found both in English and in Finnish. 

The material was produced together with Borealis Polymers, Business Finland (former Tekes), Elopak, Fazer, Finnish Plastics Industries Federation, Luke (former MTT), Metsä Board, Myllyn Paras, UPM, Paulig, Pyroll, Suomen Aaltopahviyhdistys and Suomen Kuitukierrätys.