Value Toolkit – Snapshot of Your Value

What kind of packaging benefits do consumers value in packaging? How is my package perceived? Where are its key benefits and costs, compared with competitors? Are consumers willing to buy it again?

The Value Toolkit is a new and unique research tool for testing your packaging value proposition on your target audience. The results of a standard Value Toolkit study are organized, comparable and visual. In addition, the results are packed with meaning and can be utilized to recognize advantages & market gaps, form new design briefs, or reassure decision makers.

The Value Toolkit is a tool for incorporating consumer views into packaging design processes.

Features of the toolkit

  • Powerful, easy and fast.
    Does not require a large number of respondents.
  • Low contextuality.
    Suitable for evaluating a wide range of product packaging.
  • Versatile.
    Suitable for evaluating value at different stages of the design process. (For example, brief, ideation, prototyping and launching.)
  • Visual output.
    Results are concise and easy to understand.

Value for the consumer

  • Is based on subjective assessment. 
    Package value is always determined by the consumer, not the brand owner or designer.
  • Implies an interaction between the consumer and the packaging. 
    Testing is always conducted with concrete prototypes.
  • Is comparative.
    Control samples (1-2) are included in the test design, if available.
  • Is context specific. The use situation has to be carefully defined for the participants.
  • Includes a preference judgement.
    The toolkit measures preference and willingness to pay based on the first and post-impression.


  • Preference and willingness-to-pay
    Based on first and post-impression
  • Value profile and benchmarking
    • 4 main dimensions (performance, experience, status value, responsibility)
    • 24 subdimensions
  • Open comments
    • Main benefits and disadvantages
    • Suggested improvements for each evaluated design