Special recognition for PTR Value Toolkit in the EUWIIN Innovation Competition

PTR Value Toolkit was recognized internationally by the Innovation Competition by the European Women Inventors & Innovators Network (EUWIIN). ”Special Recognition Award” prizes were handed over in Bari, Italy on 28-29 June 2017.

The EUWIIN event provides a great opportunity to meet innovative women inventors around the world, as well as to exchange ideas and experiences. The bi-annual event brought together about 40 innovators from 14 countries. The competition culminated in a gala dinner which was held at the magnificent Bari Petruzzelli Theater.

The prize was awarded to PTR’s founder and Managing Director Virpi Korhonen. Value Tookit® was originally developed in Valuepack project (2014-2016) funded by Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation Tekes and 17 companies. Value Toolkit is a versatile, low-cost, visual tool for measuring packaging value for consumers.

The purpose of the EUWIIN competition is to raise public awareness of the need for new innovations in the EU and to make women in innovation activities known. Innovative women who have developed new products, services or concepts will be rewarded.

Read more about the European Union’s network of women innovators at www.euwiininternational.eu.

Finnish EUWIIN awardees Annika Kultavirta ja Kiira Käck from Laurea (left), Virpi Korhonen (right). In the front, lifetime achievement awardees Anne-Mari Rantamäe (Estonia) and Maila Hakala (Finland)