Return On Investment Toolkit – Holistic Perspective On The Value Chain

What are the main sources of return for your packaging system? How are the benefits emphasized at different stages of the value chain? Who are your end-customers and what do they value in packaging? How does consumer value translate into business value?

Together we can answer these questions. In our ROI workshops we can form a roadmap for top strategic packaging development. The ROI Toolkit will guide you or your client companies in changing the focus from minimizing packaging costs to increasing profits i.e. maximizing the demand for the product and investing in brand communication.

A ROI Tool is being digitalized for businesses to utilize in estimating possible returns on strategic packaging investments. As the toolkit is under development, we welcome company cases at fixed rates.


Each case study begins with a consultation on goals. The work process includes varying modes of working; a group effort is followed by individual and subcontracted work, to be finalized by a selected group of specified stakeholders. Each case study is designed by PTR according to the goal and case.


  • Information for marketing, sales pitches and business negotiations.
  • Recognizing and developing a particular value network.
  • Identifying customer needs and viewpoint.
  • Considering alternative investment scenarios.
  • Building a suitable team & commitment for a project & showcasing the value in combining varying expertise.
  • Planning for (consumer) testing and research.
  • Recognizing case specific variables for ROI estimation & evaluating ROI.