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Value Toolkit – Snapshot of your value

Value Toolkit is a new and unique research tool for testing your packaging value proposition in your target audience.

The results of a standard Value Toolkit study are organized, comparable and visual. In addition, the results are packed with meaning and can be utilized to recognize advantages & market gaps, form a new design brief, or reassure decision makers.

 is a quick way to run a check on your packaging performance.

ROI Toolkit – Holistic perspective on the value chain

ROI Toolkit aids companies in evaluating and making decisions on packaging investments.

ROI Toolkit can be applied in identifying new business opportunities and value chain members, evaluating returns of distinct packaging, and building advised & informed packaging solutions for customers.

ROI Toolkit is a facilitated process answering to your specific questions.


Service Innovations For Packaging Sector 2017

The project comprises of two work packages aiming at developing new research services for packaging and product development. The Living Lab will unite the services of three marketing research companies into a single service concept. The pilot project will generate a disruptive service for producand package testing.

ROI Toolkit is digital tool to be utilized in evaluating packaging return on investment (ROI). The tool will guide the companies to change focus frominimizing packaging costs to increasing prots i.e. maximizing the demand for the product and brand communication.

More on Living lab

Valuepack 2014-2016

Valuepack 2014-2016

The Valuepack project was composed of ve work modules providing a holistic perspective into value formation by applying theory and research

methods from various elds of sciences. The aggregate knowledge of the multidisciplinary research team, in combination with international cooperation

constituted a streamlined project with almost twenty case studies.


LOHASPack 2011-2014

The aim of project was to:

  1. increase and spread LOHAS knowledge and understanding in package value networks,
  2. study how LOHASrelated meanings (health, well-being, ecology, ethical and social responsibility) are communicated and perceived in packaging, and
  3. develop and test consumer research methods for studying multisensory package concepts.


Value Proposition
Value Proposition
Insightfully Simple

Package Testing & Research is an insightful partner in packaging development. We strive to produce case relevant knowledge quickly and easily, and develop the right research tools to gathering essential data. Our expertise is useful in varying stages of packaging processes, including especially the design process. Expressly, PTR combines understanding of the packaging sector’s operations with consumer insight and qualitative research know how.

PTR has a set of toolkits catering to varying challenges and abilities for adaptation to special requests.

Mission, Vision, Values
Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission is to provide consumer insight for integration into the packaging decision making processes.

We want PTR to be a strong partner in the global packaging value networks.

We promise to keep it simple and relevant, with the customer always in focus.


"In cling film packaging is a part of a product that has a central role to play both in consumer experience and willingness-to-pay. The research designed and executed by PTR & Sense N Insight resulted in important customer understanding relevant to the success of our product launch that has been utilised in Welmu’s product development and commercial concept design."

Jaakko Kaminen


“Considering my long experience in packaging design and testing, I find that PTR´s & Sense N Insight's modern research methods give very valuable and reliable information on shelf visibility and the visual-verbal communication of an individual package. Most importantly the research process is quick and easy to buy, and has a cost-effective price point.”

Renne Angelvuo

Ceo, Win Win Design

“We have enjoyed working with PTR & Sense N Insight and seen that their knowledge and research products have given us plenty of professional advice and basis for sound business decisions, which has driven our business forward.”

Mika Salomäki

CEO, Founder
Her Majesty’s Drinking Box

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Latest publications

Translating Consumer Value into Business Value – Development of the Packaging Value Cycle Framewor


The paper describes the development process of the Packaging Value Cycle framework. The framework was developed to function as a tool for strategic packaging development, and to showcase the importance of measuring consumer value for businesses. The development work was conducted in the Valuepack project (2014-2016).

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Capturing consumer value in packaging – the Value Toolkit


This paper presents the development process of the Value Toolkit (VT), a versatile, low-cost, visual tool for measuring package value for consumers. The toolkit was developed in the Valuepack project in 2014-2016, for incorporating customer views into packaging design processes. PVT was developed following the Design Research Methodology (DRM) framework.

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THE PACKAGING VALUE CYCLE: A Framework for evaluating packaging investments

Apr. 2017

The project report describes framework development carried out by eight Aalto University’s International Design Business Management programme students. The project followed an iterative process where theoretical work interplayed with continuous prototyping, testing and validation through collaborative workshops and interviews with packaging industry professionals.

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Valuepack Project Report: Tools for Creating and Measuring the Value in Packaging

Oct. 2016

The project report describes five interlaced development processes throughout the 2,5 year project. Valuepack was designed to bridge the gap between existing theoretical knowledge and concrete practices in measuring and creating value in packaging, especially among business decision makers. 

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